Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let's talk turkey............

Turkeys are on sale for 79 cents per pound at Wal-Mart this week.  You can get a small turkey cheaper than a chicken.  A lot of people don't like having endless leftovers but here is a great link with twelve delicious recipes that use left over turkey:

We are hosting Thanksgiving on the Saturday and instead of having a traditional Turkey Dinner we are mixing it up slightly and are including a couple of salad and only roasted potatoes and root vegetables as the sides.  I will stuff the turkey and make gravy, but want to make it as simple as possible for myself.

I got another parcel in the mail and it had this sticker on the back of the package.  
That sticker makes you smile doesn't it?  Inside of the package was this book, that I need to read and review in October.
Just a reminder I do have another blog for all my book reviews, here.  I have just read and reviewed The Book Thief for our October Book Club meeting.


Jane and Chris said...

I've yet to plan our meal. I haven't chosen any books for two months,nothing appealed to me,and I wouldn't give a fair review to a book that didn't appeal.
Jane x

Evelyn said...

I got our turkey yesterday for 97 cents a pound which is probably the best deal. with all those male adults in our family leftovers are not a problem. I try to get the biggest turkey I can. Will have to check out your book blog!

William Kendall said...

I tend to find the white meat of turkey to be a chore to chew, so typically I'd prefer some other kind of meat for Thanksgiving.

My mother would cut the leftover meat up into small chunks and cook some turkey and vegetable pies with it.

Scrappy quilter said...

Turkey at 79 cents. WOW!! Ours are 99. I'm not purchasing any this year. Just not up to cooking a turkey for thanksgiving.

Ellen Graf-Martin said...

I'm so glad you like our new stickers! We thought they'd be fun - and all of us get too much serious mail, not enough good mail. Thanks for posting a photo!