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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Tree and painting....

Got the first coat of paint on the kitchen walls.  Can't say it looks much different to me; hopefully will look better when I do the second coat today.

I decided to decorate the Christmas tree on Monday after I finished painting.  This is my new ornament from my mother.  It's by Belleek and it's a snowman holding an umbrella.

 My first ornaments to go on the tree are all my Wedgwood and Waterford ones.
 Here it is in all it's "frothy" glory!!!
Can't wait for our Little Princess to see it, as they don't have a Christmas tree at their house.  Miss Nora will probably be asleep so she won't care!!!  And yes the Christmas crackers are huge!!!  The one small present under the tree is for Miss Nora it came in the mail on Monday.

I thought this song was appropriate for today's post:

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Your tree is beautiful...can't wait to see what your Princess thinks of the tree....be sure and tell us how she reacts.

hey, Thanks for sharing with us.. :)


gorgeous tree! love the beleek ornament. It looks like the ornaments of my childhood.

I adore your Christmas ornaments! I really want o start building up my collection! I especially love you wedge wood decorations! your tree looks really nice and homely :)

Your tree is lovely -- I think mine will go up today after I slide to the grocery store in all the ice.

That looks so preeeeeeeeety!
See what you mean about the size of the tree!
Jane x

Beautiful job on the tree! :)

Really pretty! We finally put up our Christmas tree over the weekend too

Beautiful tree! We still haven't got our tree. We always have a real one so I need hubby to come with me to get it into the ute. Maybe this weekend.

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