Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do you remember these songs?

I love this song, and remember all the uproar she caused with the church, do you?

Red, Red Wine is I think the most famous song by UB40, but I love this one as much.

I remember one of my early boyfriends just loving this song, and wanting to "look" like the guys in the song.  I love the song, but thought the outfits too scruffy for me.

This is such a catchy song.  I remember dropping dd and her friend(s) off to see these guys at Canada's Wonderland.

I could never figure out what this video was about, but just loved the song regardless.

4 comments: said...

I love all those songs, Gill! Sinead is still kicking up a fuss in the media whenever possible. The Hanson boys are all grown up and still touring together. I hadn't seen the Cranberries' video before, but I think Dolores looks very cool in it!

Evelyn said...

Come on eileen is one of my fav songs of all time

Jane and Chris said...

I know the first three. Can't stand Sinead O'Connor,but I liked UB40...they were such a reflection of that time.'Come on Eileen'...HAVE to sing along with that one!
Jane x

William Kendall said...

I miss the Cranberries!

Sinead certainly did cause a stir back in the day. My favourite song by her is The Thief Of Your Heart, which she did for the soundtrack of In The Name Of The Father.