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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am back......well sort of..........

Just thought I'd pop by to say hello and have a rant about my bloody car.

Went to Barrie today and the car broke down on Highway 400.  For those of you not familiar with the area, it is one of the main highways/motorways.  The micro chip in my key stopped working, so the car thought it was being stolen and stopped working.................right as I was driving along.  I pulled over to the side and was not impressed.

To cut a long and painful story short it cost over $300 for the garage to diagnose the problem and to get new keys for the car.  However that is not all...........which shouldn't surprise any of us.

My car is now chirping like a bloody birdie...........yes you read that correctly........it chirps.  So that means I need to replace a camshaft synchronizer, what ever the heck that means, oh and that will cost $445 plus 13% tax to fix that..........

I am fit to be tied, as I just spent $700 on the bloody car last week, the car isn't worth all this money, but I can't be without a car where we live {{{SIGH}}} 

I am heading down to Toronto on Wednesday, as the garage said the car is safe enough to drive and I can wait to get the other repair done, and if I switch on the radio I can't hear it chirping!!

For those of you in Canada, if you hear on the news there is a British woman running around Highway 401 in a rage on Wednesday, it will be me and my bloody car has broken down again!!!!

Oh, and don't worry the kids both gave me a lecture about remaining in the car if I break down.......and what I should or should not do...........I felt like the young child and they were the parents.......LOL

I will try and get back into blogging this week..........

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Oh you poor thing.....what a bloody pain....and expensive too!!!! I'm so sorry....I always try to put these things in perspective and think maybe I was saved from an accident or some sort of thing...I hope tomorrow is a perfect day!!

I will be watching Global news for the account..lol. My power steering belt (just replaced in October by my garage) is being replaced yet again this weekend. It makes you wonder if there is a big conspiracy. Hope your week goes better.

Oh, I would be fit to be tied, too. I do feel for you. So much added expense. Besides the aggravation and wondering if you are going to get to your destination.

I have been on a blogging break at my Pics & Pieces blog...still posting photos on the other.

I was taking a break from it cause I wanted to get a few things done here...then Roger gets sick and I still have not done anything. Feel like it is always something with us.

I wish you luck with your car....and Roger seems to finally be starting to feeling better.

We are going to Newmarket tomorrow...if I see you thumbing a lift...I'll get Chris to slow down so you can hop in.
Jane x

Oh what a pain! I shall keep my eyes peeled on the headlines...Remember Gill, blog because you WANT to, not because you feel you HAVE to. This is your blog and while we love to hear from you, it's entirely up to you how much time you spend (or don't) on it. It's supposed to be fun, not a chore! x

I know it might appear a silly question ... but .... when your key failed could you not replace the battery?

I'm onto my third battery between the pair of truck keys and "Yes! They are security ignition keys with microchips in them!"

Aww... :( Stupid car! lol! Hope things look up soon!!

Oh dear, Gill, good luck on your next trip.
hugs, Kaye xoxox

Car repairs are the worst. Especially when the car is old and you feel like you are just throwing money away. But if you really need a car, what else can you do?

oh no - just when i was getting used to the peace and quiet !!!
can you you not go away again ??
hahahahaha .......nick

Aww, sorry for your troubles with the car. Mine is 9 years old and on it's last leg I'm sure.

Hi Gill,
Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear your painful story about the odd car.

I am sure Gill, should you run into any further problems today going in to TO, which I hope and pray does not happen, surely I will hear you all the way up here. If the shoe were on the other foot (which it has been many times), you would in turn hear me. I was broke down coming home from work one time in a raging snow storm 45 minutes from home ... it was very terrifying, which I think would be equal to breaking down on the 400 or 401 Hwys.

Good to hear from you Gill.

So sorry about your car. Hugs.

What a beautiful farmhouse you live in.


Sft x

15 of us miss you so far... that must tell you something

Welcome back! And I'm sorry about your car. We have an 19-year old clunker too, so I can totally relate.


Well that was quite a adventure.
Glad you are safe(yes there is crazy people out there)
Hopefully you will get all your car problems sorted out. I know how it feel to keep spending money on a older car but like you have said it is required when we live out in the country.
Have a great day in T.O.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...I HATE cars, such a botheration! I don't which highway I hate more, the 400 or the 401! My two sisters live in Bracebridge and I live in London so you can imagine I've traveled both more often than I care to say!
PS - I think "camshaft synchronizer" sounds like a made up part to me!

wow, what a pain to have so many car repairs and so expensive..know the highway to Barrie and it is always so busy..Good luck for sure on your trip to Toronto..I don't blog even weekly, just now and then and feel less pressure..life can get really busy in the summer with gardens etc., nicer to be outside than in front of a computer..Lannie

Oh Gill, I'm so, so sorry....I hope by the time you are reading this, it's all sorted out--I've not seen any news from Canada about a lady running down the highway, so I'm hopeful it has. Take care and I'm sending positive thoughts for your car, and you too!!

I'm glad that you are back to blogging. Take a break whenever you don't feel like writing, but don't "write it off" altogether. It's interesting to see what's going on with other people in other parts of the world.

As far as the car goes.... Oi, my key has stopped working, as well. I am currently using the second one. I thought that it would just be a battery replacement, but now I am really scared to find out what the problem is.

If all else fails, hop onto your riding lawn mower, put on your cap with the earflaps, have a grim expression on your face as you ride down the emergency lane on the highway. Nobody will try to mess with you. I promise.

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