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Sunday, April 15, 2012

All bark and no action.........

That's what our daft dog is all about.  She was sitting in her usual place waiting for the squirrels when she started to growl; then she started barking, so I popped my head up and our resident coyote was wandering past in the field behind us.

If it's the same one that was visiting us last year, it's fairly grown.  I went out on the back deck to take a couple of photos, and Molly came after me, barking up a storm.
Notice how her tail is stuck up in the air.  She looks as though she has put a lot of weight on, but she is on double the steroids that she was on last year, and she is still scratching.  Oh and I guess it could be lack of exercise on both Molly's and my part as well!!!!  Will say the coyote seemed pretty bemused about Molly barking up a storm and wandered off out of the way and probably for a bit of peace and quiet!!!!  It could have been worse, Molly could have been howling!!

Sunday was a very overcast and dreary day.  Took this photo around 7pm when we saw a little bit of sun:
When we were out in the truck we saw a lot of fields all ploughed and ready for crops.  This photo is looking towards the hills south of Creemore:
A quiet day around here, how was your Sunday?

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Wow that's a big coyote! Also love the pix...we have nothing near that pretty to look at here!

he is quite a handsome fellow...perhaps Molly is enthralled with his ...Molly doesn't seem over fat to us...she is still a good looking young lady...no friend for her yet? Thanks for the kind words about the surgery...
Batgirl and Sando

Eek!! That's a BIG coyote!! Holy! Hopefully you don't have any problems with it ths year!

What a lovely dog!! I love to see Molly in your blog.

That is a pretty coyote...probably best that all Molly does is bark.

Not a bad looking coyote! I hope he keeps away from your berries though!

That coyote blends in very nicely to it's background vegetation. We have quite a few around here and haven't had any problems as yet, though they don't seen to hang around very long. We actually have more foxes than anything else right now.
Enjoy your weekend and Molly is still a good looking dog.

I suppose you will be sharing the raspberry patch again this year !

Fantastic pics, Gill - love the coyote.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

I'm catching up with the goings on at your place. Congrats on getting a new car. You NEEDED a new one. Molly sure was interested in that coyote. I'm glad she stayed up on the porch, though. :)

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