Friday, February 25, 2011

It may only be a small room,

but this bloody bathroom is fiddly.  There are so many nooks and crannies and with us having wood baseboard/skirting boards and wood crown molding everything is to tape.  It took me longer to tape than it did to paint.

The ceiling is done after three coats and no longer looks streaky.  I have done the one coat on the walls, only to discover I am not in love with the colour :0(  I bought it last Summer and had hoped to have it on by the time my brother came at the end of August, but didn't have time. So the paint has sat upstairs beside the bathroom on the landing since then.  It's a pinky beige colour called "Sheer Scarf", and has a bit too much pink undertones for me.  Mind you it's cleaner and brighter than it was so that is good.

Just wish we had the money for a new vanity, but the one I want with matching mirror is a couple of thousand dollars, and we don't have that kind of money at the moment.  Oh should say the paint I used was Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Satin Enamel It is a paint and primer all in one and is a bit more expensive.  Personally don't bother buying it, just buy the regular paint.  To my mind it is no better than the regular paint and is not worth paying the extra for.

I plan on putting the second coat of paint on the walls this morning and then putting the bathroom back together today.  I will then hang up my paint brush for a short while.  The next painting project is to paint the attic.  I have primed everything, I just have to do the main coat.  Dh still has a little bit of drywalling to finish off up there, so want to wait until that is done.

Do you enjoy painting rooms in your house?  Do you favour a particular colour?  Does anyone wallpaper anymore?  It's donkeys years since I put up wallpaper.


LizBeth said...

Lord willing, we won't be painting houses anymore until we retire, and we hope that will be a long time down the road. But I'll remember what you said about the paint with the primer. We have used Kilz and found it very satisfactory as a primer. ~Liz

Janet said...

Its something I have been putting off- our whole house needs re-decorating
Thats the trouble once you start you have to carry on ! most of our walls are painted ,over lining paper-to hide the cracks! [it an old 1930`s house]I would love to paper our hall walls-have seen a lovely laura ashley paper-just working myself up to start !
p.s. heard from Viv today-he is ok if not a little nervy- so relieved !

lulu's missives said...

I ran out of time last summer and still have two fiddly walls to paint in my bathroom. Sounds silly but my mission had been the very streaky ceiling. :-)

Jane and Chris said...

I don't like painting , or plastering, or sanding. I am afraid of choosing the 'wrong' colour and having to do it again.
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

I love painting and wallpapering.
At the present time I am filling little holes in the walls with polyfiller, and sanding the baseboards in my guest bedroom, the prep work does take more time than actually painting. The colour I am using for this room is Sandringham, a very pale green. Wallpaper is so expensive, I doubt that I will ever do any large projects with it again.
The next project will likely be --something for the aches and pains, from bending, climbing and stretching. lol

Scrappy quilter said...

I totally agree with you on the paint. In fact when hubby used it on a friend's house, he hated it!! It's far better to get expensive primer and then regular priced paint.

I love painting. I could paint every room every year if we had the money. I painted our whole house getting it ready for the market and loved every minute of it.

btw- did you get the snow? It's -34C here this morning, -45C with the windchill. To darn cold for this time of the year. Hugs

that british woman s brother said...

mmm , been painting then , and then watching paint dry - mmm , what does that remind me of ......?

angela said...

I hate painting my walls, they are bessa brick and they take ages. I have painted everything in a creamywhite so no matter what colours I choose to decorate with I dont have to repaint.
See how lazy I am. hahah

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Bathrooms are such fiddly rooms to decorate, as you say, so many nooks and crannies. I dislike painting but I do like wallpapering and did one wall of our bedroom last year. Good luck with your decorations Gill. A x