Friday, October 30, 2009

"Dove in the Window."

That's the name of that quilt block. It's the first one in my block of a month club. I love the colour's, black and white, with a touch of red. When we meet again in November, we get the pattern for the next block, the material requirement for the sashings/inner borders, and another free fat quarter. I am going to do my sashings in two colours. The bottom and right hand side in black, and the top and left hand side in a grey. I haven't bought either material yet.
I am even considering doing a second quilt with the same blocks, as I am enjoying doing different blocks. It was grey and overcast all day on Thursday, so it was hard to get a good photo.
I did manage to get out on the lawn tractor and "mulch" the leaves on Thursday. There are still some more leaves to drop off the trees, but the majority are off the trees.
My dad was up on Thursday doing some jobs in the attic for us again, he is such a good help. Its already feeling warmer up there. Dh has got a bit of insulation installed, but still has a ways to go. I'm not sure if I told you, but Home Hardware has a special deal on at the moment, if you buy $150 worth of insulation you can send away for a $25 Home Hardware gift card, so of course we took advantage of that deal.
Another good deal for the Canadians is when you buy two Glade products you can send in for a $5 Presidents Choice gift card, to find out more click on this link
The following qualifies:
The Scented oil candle holders and the candle refills
Plug in's including refills
Candles in the the glass jars
The Fragrance Collection (what ever they are?)
Also you can put all 8 forms in one envelope. I personally would staple each receipt and the two upc's to each seperate form you fill out.
Details - max 8 per household purchase both at the same time between sept 21/09 and jan 31/10**
Buy any 2 Glade products and Receive a $5 PC gift card through mail in rebate*
To be eligible both glade products must be purchased at the same time.** with proof of purchase from a participating store where President's Choce products are sold
Participating stores are Atlantic Superstore, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Independent, Loblaw Superstore, Loblaw Great Food, Loblaws, Maxi, Maxi and Cie, No Frills, Provigo, RCSS, SaveEasy, Valumart, Zehrs, Zehrs Great food and participating supermarkets in Newfoundland and Labrador where PC products are sold.
1. Purchase any 2 glade Air care products at the same time
2. Mail original certificate AND 2 original Glade Air care products pop original UPC barcode cut out from each product package and original sales receipt from a participating store between Sept 21/09 and Jan 31/10 with 2 products circled both products must appear on one sales receipt
Received no later than Feb 28/10 6-8 weeks for delivery


The Witch said...

Gill I love the block you have completed. I can hardly wait to see the next block, and the one after that.
Are you doing a set amount of blocks to make a full size quilt when finished? Wish I could join your class.

Sandi McBride said...

I love the Quilt Club idea and can't wait to see your finished product! Lovely work you've got here...

Cathi said...

Pretty block! I love black and white with a hint of colour!

Scrappy quilter said...

Gill I love the block. And the color choice you made...awesome.

I got the envelope...I've been on the road so much I haven't had time for much of anything. Book in the mail on Monday. Hugs..

Winifred said...

Those blocks are really attractive.

I remember in one of your postings you mentioned using bedding for quilts as it's cheaper. So I decided to follow your advice and I'm gathering up my sheet and quilt supplies at sales to make my granddaughters pink quilts. I've got a few different ones now and yesterday got a lovely Dorma pure cotton double valance in pretty pink and cream for only £3.99. I wouldn't even be able to buy half a yard of fabric for that!

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