Monday, September 8, 2014

Here, there and everywhere............

Had a day going here, there and everywhere.  Headed out first thing to a place called Millersburg.  This is a photo of what I am guessing was/is the town hall.
Honestly as it was Monday a lot of things were closed.  We asked a local where to get a good cup of coffee and she suggested Jitter's Coffee House.  Good move on my part asking a local and it was the best cup of tea I have had since arriving in the States.
Now that funny thing next to my cup is a Teaze Infuser and it is a neat thing.  So good infact for loose leaf tea I went and bought one, you can also brew coffee in it as well.
After that we went to a place called Roscoe Village near Coshocton.  Again half the stuff was closed, but I did manage to pick up a new Vera Bradley purse/wallet to match my new handbag, so all was not lost.  

We then headed into Coshocton and had lunch here:
Yes we found a Timmies!!!  Again all is right with the world.  They had Mac and Cheese on the menu, which we don't have in Canada.  You'll be pleased to know I won't be pushing for them to have it in Canada either!!  It's a boil in a bag product and you can tell.  

We then headed to Charm, by the scenic route............the map we have sucks, the numbering on the road sucks and dh's GPS sucks...........but we saw some lovely scenery.  Drove right through Charm, as it wasn't quite what we wanted to see.  Then headed to Sugarcreek and saw the huge Cuckoo Clock:

A word of warning to anyone wanting to come and visit Holmes County, Ohio; I would plan your visit to arrive on a Monday and leave on a Sunday.  Nearly everything is closed on a Sunday, we found a Subway in a gas station to have supper on Sunday night.  


slugmama said...

We found out a few years ago on a trip to Columbus Ohio that everything touristy closes down on Mondays in Ohio. No museums or sights. The only thing open was a native American earthworks/mound because it was too big to cordon off. lol

I've been to Coshocton Ohio too!
Stopped there to do some headstone photo requests for Find A Grave.
Sounds like y'all are finding ways to have fun!

Kaisievic said...

Thanks for taking me on your trip with you and I will remember your warning about Sundays! Love the giant cuckoo clock!

William Kendall said...

The tea infuser is new to me; I haven't seen anything like that before. The town hall is impressive!

Rose said...

Glad you are having a good time...I was wondering how the traffic is.

Evelyn said...

Glad you found a Timmies! love seeing your pics!

DeniseinVA said...

That cuckoo clock is interesting, along with the building and tea infuser.